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TDC Cutting Tools

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TDC Cutting Tools

Located in rural Oconee County, Seneca is an historic town that thrived during the first half of the twentieth century when textile mills were the main industry. As the textile industry has moved overseas due to globalization, this area has struggled to replace those jobs. One excellent example of job creation is TDC Cutting Tools, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cutting tools, established its overseas headquarters in Seneca at the same site as its subsidiary, Greenfield Industries. In addition to office space, the company built its first high-speed metals recycling facility with the purpose of enabling sustainable solutions in the metal recycling industry that reduces solid materials waste.

The $7 million provided by The Innovate Fund to this project supports over 300 jobs, which pay an average wage 121% greater than the low-income community’s per capita income. Employees have access to opportunities for job training and advancement, including participation in the company’s U.S. Management Trainee Program. In addition, the company has established two registered apprenticeship programs for CNC Operators and Maintenance Technicians and a Youth Apprentice Program with Apprenticeship Carolina™ in conjunction with local Tri-County Technical College – the first apprenticeship programs to be established in Oconee County. Being registered with the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) shows TDC’s visible commitment to developing a high-quality workforce that meets nationally recognized training standards.

TDC Cutting Tools is a true innovator in the cutting tool industry, as they are the only manufacturer worldwide with the capability of utilizing recycled scrap metal.

“[Funding provided by the Innovate Fund] was instrumental in this significant job creation project in Oconee County. We are excited to see TDC continue to grow in our community.”

– Richard Blackwell, executive director, Oconee Economic Alliance

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$ 7,000,000

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Seneca, SC

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