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Greenco Beverage Company

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Greenco Beverage Company

Once a bustling economic hub for the Upstate, the Poinsett Corridor, a major throughway between downtown Greenville and Travelers Rest, has long been comprised of abandoned buildings and impoverished neighborhoods. The need for someone to take a chance on revitalizing this area has been dire to the many proud residents who have built their lives there.

Established over 100 years ago, Greenco Beverage Company is one of the largest beverage distributors in the Upstate of South Carolina. Faced with an outdated and inefficient space, the company purchased 12 acres of property along the Poinsett Corridor to build a new 120,000 square foot distribution center. This state-of-the-art, energy efficient facility is the first project to occur along the Corridor in nearly 40 years, and is a catalyst for changing the surrounding community. The new facility, which is located on the site of a long vacant thrift store, features beautifully manicured landscaping, a far cry from the chain link and barbwire fencing residents looked upon for decades.

As we continue to focus on our communities, The Innovate Fund provided $8.3 million in below-market financing to this project. While the nearly 330 jobs created have had a profound impact on the region’s economic growth, the revitalization efforts will have lasting benefits for an impoverished community. By taking a chance on making something old and dilapidated into something new and beautiful, a once thriving community has the chance to regain its glory.

“The Greenco Beverage team is excited to partner with The Innovate Fund in the redevelopment of the Poinsett Corridor and make it a dynamic business location.”

– Russell Farr, president, Greenco Beverage Company.

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$ 8,300,000

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Greenville, SC

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